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We have developed a direct link to the inmates of the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) to bring a self-reform population to the masses by allowing said inmates to release their literary work. During their time of incarceration, some have managed to spend their time positively by focusing on their writing skills. 

Some chose poetry, others chose to write full length novels. Transparency Library saw the desperate need for those who had talent, but lacked the family structure. Those who are in this program, do not have the privilege of having someone to put money in their commissary. 

We then took it upon ourselves to take their work, have it published, and give 100% of the royalties back to the author towards their commissary! This allows them to pay their daily fees for being incarcerated and also helps with toiletries and other daily use items.

But we could also use your support! If you'd like to give a donation, please forward it to:


In the message tab, select "SCDC" so that we know what your donation is for! We also encourage those who have the time, to write our inmates in this program, to give them hope and encouragement during this hard time. With your help, we can reach out to other facilities!

To receive a penpal, message us for details at:

Subject: SCDC Penpal

A Documentary will be shot at the Perry Correctional Facility in Pelzer, SC on July 8th, 2018! To have your loved one involved, email us for info!

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National Action Network
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Or Write the CPSS (Corrections & Peneology Special Subcommittee)

Senate Subcommittee on SCDC

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