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Joseph L. Hazel, a new author, his first publication is titled: Small World. The author confidently states, “ Small World can easily fit into the top three urban dramas of 2018! ” Joseph is from Summerville, South Carolina and has been incarcerated for the last nineteen years. He is a father, and a grandfather at the age of 38. Recently, Joseph has taken steps beyond his physical incarceration, through his writing, a long time passion at which he says, “It comes with ease, I’m a talker.” Joseph’s first published novel will be “Small World”, but it is actually the third novel he has ever written. A novel that Joseph boasts is, “An Instant Classic”, that tells a twisted tale of love, lies, and the streets. Written through the eyes of the characters throughout this book.

Joseph Hazel

Small World

Fred, AKA "Freak", Christopher, AKA "C", Carmen, Jaquetta, Lil T, and Patrick, AKA "P.A.", all have separate lives, and indulge in separate things. Yet, the world is not as big as they believe it to be, as a chain of events unfold that will twist and mingle their lives, forever changing them as they uncover just how small the world really is.... Keith, AKA "KB, Byron, AKA "Bloody B", Toya, Brittany, Patricia, Tyshawn, AKA "TY", and Detective Jason Chambers, are also about to discover that their neat little worlds are actually smaller than they think, and not so neat, as drama unfolds as would be jack boys, KB and Bloody B, get ambushed in their own attempt to ambush. Toya, Brittany, and Patricia are best friends, until the truth is revealed, and Detective Chambers loses it all as work consumes him... Tyshawn discovers nothing is for free, in this action packed Urban Novel, there is nothing left out!

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