Shy Robinson

Bio Information

Toni Monique Robinson-Gosha was born in August of 87’ at Northside Hospital in Youngstown, Ohio. When I was fifteen, I found out I was given up for adoption by my birth mother, who was hiding me from my father, David Robinson. I was raised by an adoptive family since I was a year old. While with this family, I endured sexual, verbal, and mental abuse. The very first time, when I was five, then when I was ten by the next-door neighbor and a relative. My voice was never heard so, I found that writing was an outlet for my hurt and pain. By the time I was eighteen, I had diary entries of the way I was feeling, but my privacy was invaded by the family who raised me, and they would read my deepest thoughts, telling me to never get my hopes up. I gained my control back at the age of twenty-nine and I wrote my first five books and moved to Houston, Texas to start a new life.

Pen Name: Shy Robinson